Shale gas and oil have revolutionized the energy landscape in the US, where companies have used new technologies such as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing to access previously unattainable reserves. America’s success has prompted many other countries that show similar promise to tap into their own potential.

There are many locations around the world that have both a wealth of shale oil and gas resources and regimes that support investment. However, actual shale activity varies widely, regardless of the investment climate and the presence of resources. There are a range of extra factors affecting the likelihood and pace of development in various locations outside the US.

Shale Dispatch reports on and analyses this fast emerging global shale industry. Our team monitors and reports on the key strategic developments from the US, Canada and Argentina in the west to China and Indonesia in the east, from the UK and Poland in the north to South Africa and Australia in the south.

We also get behind the headlines and news stories to analyse key developments and trends.

We catalogue the major exploration and production corporations, and significant industry goods and service suppliers.

While we believe that shale gas and oil offers major opportunities for very many communities, we do not promote shale oil and gas extraction in isolation. There are significant pockets of opposition to ‘fracking’ in all of the regions we report on, and this is an important strategic consideration for governments and the energy industry.

Our editorial policy is to report objectively on all key factors affecting the industry where possible within the constraints of available knowledge and information. We also try to focus on strategic issues, rather than routine news, that we, or others, consider will have an impact on how shale gas develops in various regions.

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