The shale boom plusses and threats: ShaleDespatch’s’s Infographic says it all

Shale gas is changing the world energy markets and is now beginning to have a significant impact on the manufacturing sector as the United States finds that cheap natural gas literally fuels a manufacturing renaissance. Yet shale gas extraction remains controversial in many parts of the world. In the UK, where the government is pushing…



What’s Driving the Global LNG Demand?

What’s Driving the Global LNG Demand?  Analysis from Trefis.com Trefis.com was founded by MIT Engineers and former Wall Street analysts who realized that most people do not understand the seemingly familiar companies around them. The global natural gas demand is expected to grow by 64% from 113 trillion cubic feet in 2010 to 185 trillion…



Robust natural gas supply narrows spread between futures, spot prices – EIA

Colder weather helped raise the price of the front-month natural gas futures contract, which increased on eight consecutive trading days from November 19 to December 2, with the price reaching $3.988/million British thermal units (MMBtu), its highest level since June 5, 2013, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). Despite this rally in prices,…