How US refiners have benefited from the shale boom

The past four years have seen a boom in U.S. refining with strong margins and increased throughput.  The balance of refinery feedstock has changed from a majority of imports to a majority of domestic crude. Market inefficiencies – in the distribution system, crude quality mismatches and export restrictions have kept U.S. crude prices below international…


Four reasons low oil prices help US shale producers – Boston CG

  The low-oil-price environment that has prevailed in recent months has presented significant short-term challenges, including squeezed margins and collapsing activity levels, to producers of U.S. shale oil. However, Iván Martén, a senior partner at the Boston Consulting Group, and the global leader of its energy practice, says his firm believes that an extended period…


China’s elusive shale gas boom: NOC’s to the rescue?

In the coming decade, China’s natural gas market is expected to undergo robust growth fueled by a number of environmental and economic drivers. A much discussed natural gas strategy for China is to develop its shale gas resources – an unsurprising choice given that the country is home to the largest technically recoverable shale gas…



Analysis: US crude oil production and EIA’s latest drilling productivity report

The Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) latest US monthly crude production statistics published March 30th show January production down 135 Mb/d versus December 2014, the largest month-on-month decline since June 2011.  There was an earlier warning sign from EIA.  The agency’s Drilling Productivity Report (DPR) published March 9th predicted that production would decline in April in…