Estimates of breakeven for US shale projects show there’s life below $80/bbl

With the oil price down 25%, many are recalibrating theor forecasts and investment options. There has been a general assumption that $80 a barrel is the point at which the US shale boom comes under threat. The shale boom based on fracking and horizontal drilling technology has made America the world’s biggest oil and gas…


40% of countries with largest shale energy resources face water stress – WRI

If all the world’s theoretically recoverable shale gas could be developed, our supply of clean-burning natural gas would expand 47% – lowering both greenhouse gas emissions and energy prices, according to estimates from the Washington-based World Resources Institute. The hitch is that the process for extracting shale gas, called hydraulic fracking, sucks up as much…


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Wood Mackenzie’s shale energy perspective and outlook sees 3.0 era as likely route to global expansion

Houston-based energy analyst firm Wood Mackenzie has identified three distinct phases of the unconventional onshore revolution and has explored the future of the sector in North America and internationally. 1.0   Numerous mega gas plays This period was characterized by intense production growth, with operators amassing positions in dozens of mega gas plays. In 2005, the…



Marcellus shale defies doomsayers; productivity gains drive output higher yet again

The impact of the Marcellus shale formation on US natural gas supply is difficult to overstate. The speed and volume of its development is astonishing, and continues to defy analysts who predict an imminent decline in production In 2007, Marcellus supplied only 2% of domestic supply in the US. By the end of 2013 it…



Investment options to tap into Texas’ oil resurgence star performer Permian Basin & other shale plays

Oil coaxed from the rapidly developing Eagle Ford and Permian Basin production areas recently lifted Texas’ output back above 3 million barrels per day (bpd) for the first time in more than three decades. That put the Lone Star state at more than a third of total US oil production, compared to about 12% for…



US royalty and project structures essential to UK shale gas development: Int’l energy lawyer

In the US, the pace of development of onshore unconventional gas developments has been simply astonishing. In the UK, however, the situation could not be more different. Despite the existence of a significant unconventional resources base, the rate of progress has been pitifully slow. Much of this difference in fortune can be attributed to the…



China is putting real effort into reducing carbon emissions: Lowy Institute

This is the executive summary of a report entitled CHINA’S CLIMATE CHANGE POLICIES: ACTORS AND DRIVERS prepared by Lisa Williams of the Lowy Institute for International Policy. The report offers an informed and nuanced account of the state of play. The internal battle against air pollution and the need to manage energy demand are key drives…