Review of World shale development potential: Argentina with nose in front for now: Accenture

In a comprehensive review of the potential for the development of the shale gas industry outside the US, global management consultants Accenture believe that Argentina is the most promising market today, but cautions this may change depending on how other markets address key development factors. They argue that it is possible, for example, that Australia,…



US Permian producers target shale as new technology revives legacy oil field

Horizontal drilling last year overtook vertical drilling in West Texas’ Permian basin as new technology and high oil prices rejuvenated the legacy oil play and independent operators like Pioneer Natural Resources and Approach Resources tapped into shale formations previously considered uneconomic. “The Permian is one of the hottest regions in North America right now,” Benjamin…


The UK’s deteriorating energy security and why we must frack: Centre for Policy Studies

From the London-based Centre for Policy Studies Growth Bulletin number 45 June 6, 2014: Production of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Coal is weakening. Net energy import dependency has reached 47%. 36% of electricity generation is from coal and 41% of coal imports are from Russia. The fiscal regime is too burdensome, with marginal tax rates…



California’s Monterey Shale crude oil busts before it booms, but it’s not done yet

by Housley Carr on RBN Energy With so much positive news out there about ever-rising production from unconventional oil and natural gas plays, word that the Energy Information Administration has reduced its estimate of recoverable oil from California’s Monterey Shale region by 95% is sobering, to say the least. EIA’s Monterey shocker serves as a…


US Marcellus gas production backlog spurs pipes heading south as well as north: EIA

US Marcellus gas production backlog spurs pipes heading south as well as north: EIA Increasing natural gas production in the Appalachian Basin’s Marcellus Shale play continues to outpace the growth in the region’s pipeline takeaway capacity, the US Energy Information Administration reports. This has led to supply backups in the Marcellus region, with new production…