Shale gas surveys in Nottinghamshire will start – won’t include Sherwood Forest

INEOS has confirmed plans to undertake a 3D seismic survey across parts of Nottinghamshire – but Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve won’t be affected. Nottinghamshire County Council has received formal notification from INEOS that it intends to start the six-month project on June 5. The survey area covers around 250 square km and covers parts of Worksop,…


Data analysis could trigger new shale gas revolution: Los Alamos Lab

Extensive data mining and analysis of 20,000 shale gas wells has revealed how “refracturing” existing wells with new technology could transform them from diminished producers into high-performers long after their initial peak production period has ended. “Our analysis could potentially aid in reducing the number of new wells to be drilled,” said Richard Middleton, lead…