Prospects for shale gas development in Europe: Report

Europe is particularly well suited for the development and use of natural-gas resources because of its large market, established pipeline infrastructure, increasing demand for energy, and its current dependence on natural-gas imports. Issues surrounding shale liquids and gas development in Europe are substantially different from those encountered in North America. In Europe, population density is…


EU awards €11.6m funding for fracking research

Two research projects to investigate the impact of shale gas exploitation and fracking have each been awarded funding from Horizon 2020, the European Union’s research programme. The projects, led by Edinburgh University and University College London, aim to provide objective assessments of the environmental impact of the controversial technique. The money will flow from an…


Shale gas in Europe going nowhere thanks to widespread opposition, disappointing data

Energy major Chevron’s decision to stop exploring for shale gas in Poland has highlighted the sector’s uncertain future and role in strengthening energy security in Europe, according to analysts spoken to by Reuters. The US Energy Information Administration has estimated Europe could hold trillions of cubic metres of recoverable shale gas but it is still…


Uncertainty over shale laws hinders German gas output: Wintershall

A 6% decline in Germany’s natural gas production last year is due partly to legal uncertainty over fracking technology, leading producer Wintershall said, pinning its hopes on policy progress this year. “The shale gas discussion continues to block conventional gas production in Germany,” Wintershall’s head of German operations, Andreas Scheck, told reporters in Berlin. The…

Participation de Janez Potocnik, membre de la CE forum “la scien

European Commission serves notice to Poland over shale gas impact assessment

The European Commission has begun legal proceedings against Poland for amending its national laws to allow shale drills at depths of up to 5,000 metres without first having assessed the potential environmental impacts, EurActiv reports. In June, Brussels sent Poland formal notice that it was opening a case against it for infringing the environmental impact…


Friends of the Earth’s one sided sketch of who’s who in the EU shale gas lobby

A new report (or maybe it should be called a polemic) by the Friends of the Earth Europe maps out the lobbying activity in Brussels to influence the political process around shale gas development in the European Union. The report outlines the key players involved – their targets and tactics as reported by the report’s…


IEA says Europe risks losing 30 million jobs to US shale boom, but warns US not to be over reliant on gas

The US shale gas boom is placing 30 million jobs at risk in Europe as companies with greater reliance on energy contend with higher fuel prices than their American counterparts, the International Energy Agency said. Manufacturers of petrochemicals, aluminium, fertilizers and plastics are leaving Europe to take advantage of booming US production of natural gas…


Capturing value in global gas: Prepare now for an uncertain future – McKinsey

There is huge uncertainty about how global gas markets will evolve, but the extent of the value at stake makes it imperative for liquified natural gas (LNG) suppliers and buyers to act now, according to this analysis by global management consultants McKinsey & Company. Unforeseen events have disrupted the gas market in the last eight…