New U.S. pipelines to double shale gas exports to more regions in Mexico: EIA

U.S. pipeline capacity for natural gas exports to Mexico has rapidly expanded in the past few years and currently stands at 7.3 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d). This existing cross-border capacity primarily supplies the Northeast and Central regions of Mexico. New capacity projected to be completed in the next several years will help to supply…


Shale to play big role in Mexico’s energy reform success: Report

Mexico’s shale resources will play an integral role in the success of Mexico’s energy reform, but significant challenges will need to be addressed, including the construction of roads, housing, rail, pipelines and other infrastructure, as well as skilled workforce development and security issues. The country is well-positioned to take advantage of unconventional extraction techniques due…


New era in Mexico: Major shale opportunities for energy companies – EY

A new report by global consultants EY explores significant opportunities for energy companies in Mexico. Mexico’s historic bill, opening the country’s energy industry to private and foreign investment, provides a wide range of opportunities for foreign oil and gas companies. Among industry insiders, there is a great deal of optimism surrounding upstream opportunities in Mexico.…