US EPA analysis details water usage in fracking in Pennsylvania

Drillers in Pennsylvania used about 11 billion gallons of water to tap shale formations in the Appalachian Basin between 2011 and 2013, according to an analysis by the US Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA examined more than 39,000 disclosures submitted across the country between January 2011 and February 2013 to the website FracFocus, an industry-backed…


US researchers experiment using liquid nitrogen instead of water in fracking

Gas fields in the US state of Colorado soon may serve as a laboratory for testing a different way to fracture shale rock formations – one that doesn’t pump millions of gallons of water underground or yield contaminated wastewater. As activists rekindle efforts to ban hydraulic fracturing in the state, petroleum engineers in Colorado are…


Research shows industrial waste can be made into proppants for shale gas recovery

Industrial and domestic waste materials are viable sources for making proppants for use in shale gas and oil recovery, according to research by Penn State University material scientists John Hellmann and Barry Scheetz. In an article, “Proppants for Shale Gas and Oil Recovery: Engineering Ceramics for Stimulation of Unconventional Energy Resources” in the latest issue…