Improved techniques open up prospects for re-fracking in major US shale plays

Tens of thousands of oil and gas wells have been drilled and hydraulically fractured in recent years as part of the shale boom that has spread across the US. Now improved techniques and with a few years of experience under their belts, the leading US oil field service companies are in the early stages of…


Focus, improved techniques push BHP’s US shale plays closer to profitability

Australian-based mining and energy major BHP Billiton has finally turned the corner on its once contentious investment in North American shale. Three years ago BHP spent $20 billion buying into US shale through a takeover of Petrohawk Energy and asset purchases from Chesapeake Energy to deliver 1.5 million acres of shale resource. Head office and…


Schlumberger’s new ‘broadband sequence’ fracking method boosts shale output by 20%, cuts well completion time in half

Oil and gas field services company Schlumberger has introduced the BroadBand Sequence fracturing technique, which it says significantly increases productivity in unconventional reservoir completions. The technique enables sequential stimulation of perforation clusters in wells drilled in unconventional reservoirs. This new technique sequentially isolates fractures at the wellbore to ensure every cluster in each zone is…