Lesotho believes it can produce shale gas

Lesotho’s Ministry of Mining believes the country has enough shale gas and coal to catapult its economy. It has awarded Memorandums of Agreement to a company that believes two thirds of the country can produce the alternative energy resource and another to find coal. Lesotho geologists believe two thirds of the southern African mountain kingdom’s belly…


Overview of South Africa’s readiness to support the shale gas industry

The discovery and exploitation of very large shale gas reserves in countries like the US have transformed the energy market. South Africa may also possess potentially large resources of shale gas. This could have a significant positive impact on the country’s energy balance should it be decided to exploit these resources. The exploitation of these key…


South Africa to start shale gas exploration in ‘next financial year’

The first exploration for shale gas in South Africa will begin in the next financial year, the government said in Cape Town on Tuesday, following years of procrastination. “One area of real opportunity for South Africa is the exploration of shale gas,” the government statement said. “Exploration activities are scheduled to commence in the next…


South Africa can boost shale gas development: World Energy Council

Poor infrastructure, the scarcity of water and a lack of skills in the Karoo, as well as public concerns regarding the potential environmental impact of shale gas operations are hampering development in the unconventional gas sector in South Africa, a report revealed. Unconventional gas, a global phenomenon, a report by the World Energy Council in…


South Africa’s shale gas reserves face downgrade

South Africa could have far fewer shale gas deposits than originally estimated. In 2011, South Africa’s shale gas resources were projected to be 485 trillion cubic feet (Tcf), but subsequent estimates by the Petroleum Agency of South Africa and the Council of Geosciences appraises recoverable gas resources at 36 Tcf. Mosa Mabuza, deputy director-general of…