Data analysis could trigger new shale gas revolution: Los Alamos Lab

Extensive data mining and analysis of 20,000 shale gas wells has revealed how “refracturing” existing wells with new technology could transform them from diminished producers into high-performers long after their initial peak production period has ended. “Our analysis could potentially aid in reducing the number of new wells to be drilled,” said Richard Middleton, lead…


US shale oil well output decline rates slowing

Since the beginning of the U.S. fracking revolution, oil producers have struggled with a frustrating issue: after an initial burst, crude output from new shale wells falls much faster than from conventional wells. However, those well decline rates have been slowing across the U.S over the past few years, according to data analysis provided exclusively…


New technology for Saudi shale fracking moves closer to reality

The key to an energy boom is simple: Build a technology to get at the oil and gas that geologists already know is trapped in various subterranean, or subsea, formations. The fracking boom in the US is the obvious example. Extracting seabed methane hydrate is another huge bet—energy-starved Japan has made that. Saudi Arabia could…


Australian coalbed methane fields have lessons for US shale producers – Accenture

The rapid growth in unconventional fuels–ranging from shale oil and gas to coalbed methane–has dramatically increased the complexity of field development and production management. Instead of placing a few large bets on a few wells and drilling rigs–and watching those bets very closely–operators now must deal with multiple wells, conflicting equipment priorities, and capacity limits…


Waterless fracking test well in US isn’t doing too well

While the oil and gas industry was excited about the idea of waterless fracking and the environmental and health benefits that it would bring, a test well in Ohio well has not yet demonstrated commercial potential. The $22 million test well operated by EV Energy Partners, along with eight other companies, in Tuscarawas County, Ohio,…


Weir, Rolls-Royce team up for new lower cost fracking venture

Scottish engineer Weir Group has teamed up with Rolls-Royce Power Systems’ (RRPS) company MTU for a new joint-venture to produce a power system to make hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, more efficient. Weir manufacturers hydraulic fracturing pumps, while MTU describes itself as a market leader in heavy-duty industrial diesel engines. The joint-venture – announced at the…

Eagle Ford Drilling Rig

ConocoPhillips taps technology to boost shale output, lower costs

It is no secret that technology is the key to unlocking hydrocarbon resources. For ConocoPhillips, which plans to increase development spending by about 50% on North American unconventionals in the next three years, technology will be crucial to growing production and its value, especially in times of lower, more volatile price environments, according to a…