Fast growth, capacity on track for northeast US shale gas pipelines

A surge in pipeline capacity for natural gas in the U.S. Northeast this year and next is expected to boost profits for producers and help hold down prices for Midwest and East Coast buyers. The $13.8 billion infrastructure build-out involves seven large pipeline proposals that will take gas in all directions. Producers in the Marcellus…


Shale gas opposition has shifted to transportation – US forum

Opposition to natural gas projects has moved from exploration and production to transportation, speakers said during a discussion on Capitol Hill of US gas infrastructure needs. “Pipeline opposition has become a stand-in for opposition to fossil fuels for some groups,” said Kim Watson, Kinder Morgan’s (KMI) eastern pipeline group president. “Attacking hydraulic fracturing hasn’t worked,…


New proposed $2.75bn pipelines to deliver more Marcellus shale gas to US East Coast, Gulf, Midwest

A consortium of New Jersey and Pennsylvania utilities wants to develop a 105-mile pipeline to deliver low-cost Marcellus Shale natural gas to East Coast customers, easing bottlenecks that caused price spikes last winter. The PennEast Pipeline Company has announced plans to build a $1 billion, 30-inch-diameter pipeline from Luzerne County to the Trenton area. Utilities…


Pipeline firm suspends project to connect US Appalachian shale gas to Gulf Coast

North American energy infrastructure firm Williams has suspended plans to build a pipeline from the US Appalachian shale gas fields to the Gulf Coast because of weak demand from drillers. Insufficient pipeline infrastructure has been a persistent challenge for shale gas drillers, but the Tulsa, Oklahoma-based company indicated its decision didn’t reflect a changing outlook…


Need for pipelines cited at Marcellus-Utica Midstream Conference; but warnings of growing pains impact on prices

Drillers for shale oil in the US’ mighty Marcellus field need more pipelines to get their bountiful supply of gas to market, but improving the delivery infrastructure could cause them growing pains. The challenge of growing the delivery network without pressuring prices with more supply is something on the minds of industry officials who attended…