A National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) official said that new shale gas reserves have been discovered in west Iran exploration blocks.

Iran has also joined the push for shale oil and gas around the globe as NIOC has so far defined four study projects in an attempt to discover shale reserves in Lorestan province and South Zagros region.

Mahmoud Hajian, NIOC Exploration Director, said implementation of research project to identify and study gas shales as unconventional hydrocarbon resources has begun in the Lorestan province and the Zagros basin.


“The project, which will hopefully yield promising outcomes, is being carried out by Research Institute of Petroleum Industry for the first time in Iran,” highlighted the official asserting “the research project comprises four phases the second of which is being implemented as well as that existence of shale gas resources has been certified.

Hajian further noted that another relevant project in Lorestan region has been defined in the form of two phases which are 66% through and will be accomplished within nine months.