Data analysis could trigger new shale gas revolution: Los Alamos Lab

Extensive data mining and analysis of 20,000 shale gas wells has revealed how “refracturing” existing wells with new technology could transform them from diminished producers into high-performers long after their initial peak production period has ended. “Our analysis could potentially aid in reducing the number of new wells to be drilled,” said Richard Middleton, lead…


UK’s Cuadrilla sets ups public website to show shale gas site monitoring

UK shale gas exploration company Cuadrilla Resources has created an online ePortal to allow the public to view the status of environmental monitoring of its drill site at Preston New Road, Little Plumpton in England’s county of Lancashire. The company said the portal design has taken into account environmental priorities set out by local people…


Lesotho believes it can produce shale gas

Lesotho’s Ministry of Mining believes the country has enough shale gas and coal to catapult its economy. It has awarded Memorandums of Agreement to a company that believes two thirds of the country can produce the alternative energy resource and another to find coal. Lesotho geologists believe two thirds of the southern African mountain kingdom’s belly…


Consolidating infrastructure can ease shale gas threat to US forests

Fragmentation of ecologically important core forests within the northern Appalachians in the U.S. —driven by pipeline and access road construction—is the major threat posed by shale-gas development, according to researchers, who recommend a change in infrastructure-siting policies to head off loss of this critical habitat. Expansive tracts of continuous forest provide critical habitat for some species of…