Prospects for shale gas development in Europe: Report

Europe is particularly well suited for the development and use of natural-gas resources because of its large market, established pipeline infrastructure, increasing demand for energy, and its current dependence on natural-gas imports. Issues surrounding shale liquids and gas development in Europe are substantially different from those encountered in North America. In Europe, population density is…


Eagle Ford shale takes big spending hit during the oil bust: Wood Mackenzie

Across the US, no other oil field has been hit with bigger spending cuts than the Eagle Ford formation, according to a new report by oil industry analysts Wood Mackenzie. Investments in the 26-county Eagle Ford field that is spread across South Texas plummeted by two-thirds to an estimated $10 billion this year from just…


UK’s new government likely to push shale gas; aided by Brexit

As new UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s government prepares to take the UK out of the European Union, it’s likely to promote one technology shunned by most nations on the mainland — fracking. May, her predecessor David Cameron, and newly appointed members of her cabinet including former Energy Secretary Amber Rudd have supported hydraulic fracturing of Britain’s shale…


US shale oil shifting to lower cost curve; more plays viable at $60 bbl: Wood Mac study

A price of $60 or less for a barrel of Brent crude should not hinder the commerciality of most new drilling projects in U.S. tight oil plays, according to the latest study unveiled by Wood Mackenzie, which said its global oil market analysis showed that 70% of such projects and conventional oil projects in the…


Economic benefits of the shale oil boom add $2.5 trillion to US stock values: Wharton study

The shale oil boom in the U.S. is a windfall for drivers and other consumers, cutting prices for gasoline, heating oil and other oil-based products. But what has it done for investors? New research by two Wharton professors and a colleague from the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester shows the shale…


US shale gas access may cut Mexican power burden, Fitch

Access to the US shale gas market may lower the burden of Mexico’s historically high prices of electricity, according to Fitch Ratings. Recent regulatory changes are likely to guarantee the success of the wholesale electricity market. Electricity prices in Mexico have been high compared with international prices. Industrial electricity prices are about 70% higher than…


US shale oil well output decline rates slowing

Since the beginning of the U.S. fracking revolution, oil producers have struggled with a frustrating issue: after an initial burst, crude output from new shale wells falls much faster than from conventional wells. However, those well decline rates have been slowing across the U.S over the past few years, according to data analysis provided exclusively…


Rystad Energy study finds US oil reserves greater than Russia, Saudi Arabia

Recoverable oil reserves in the United States are now greater than those of both Russia and Saudi Arabia, according to an evaluation by independent Norwegian oil and gas data analysts Rystad Energy. The firm analysed reserves around the world, distinguishing between those in existing fields, in new projects and potential reserves in recent discoveries and even…