Research on new fluids could make fracking greener

Researchers in the US have created a chemically-responsive fluid to efficiently fracture rocks that could decrease the amount of energy required for hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. Current hydraulic fracturing methods are energy-intensive due to the need to pump, on average, 4 million gallons of water per reservoir, at very high pressures and flow rates deep…


EIA reports Permian as only shale to increase oil output; MSC reports record US gas base

The latest U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) monthly drilling report has revealed encouraging news for the Permian Basin, but not so much for other major shale plays. Among the Bakken, Eagle Ford, Haynesville, Marcellus and Niobrara shale plays, the Permian stood alone as the only shale basin to sustain continued oil production. According to the…

Eagle Ford Drilling Rig

ConocoPhillips taps technology to boost shale output, lower costs

It is no secret that technology is the key to unlocking hydrocarbon resources. For ConocoPhillips, which plans to increase development spending by about 50% on North American unconventionals in the next three years, technology will be crucial to growing production and its value, especially in times of lower, more volatile price environments, according to a…