China prepares for third round of shale gas bidding

China’s Ministry of Land and Resources has begun preparations for a third round of bidding for shale gas exploration, the Beijing-based Economic Observer reports, citing an unnamed source at the ministry. The ministry completed the second round of bidding about one year ago. In late October, the ministry fined China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group) for…


Green groups, communities unite to fight shale gas in Scotland

A coalition of 26 community and environmental groups is urging the Scottish ­Government to ban fracking for shale gas and drilling for underground coal-gas. The groups, led by Concerned Communities of Falkirk (CCoF) and Friends Of The Earth Scotland, are demanding a moratorium on unconventional gas development in Scotland, saying risks to public health, staff…


Fracking chemicals no more toxic than household substances: University of Colorado

In hydraulic fracturing – fracking – a mixture of sand, water and chemicals is injected into deep wells to release fossil fuels. This has led to environmental corporation claims that the reduced emissions from natural gas are being offset environmentally by surfactants. A surfactant is basically a detergent. It reduces the surface tension between water and…


No scientific reasons to ban fracking in Europe but questions remain over its potential, European science academies

There are no scientific or technical grounds to ban fracking in Europe but it will not be a “silver bullet” to improve energy security or cut emissions, European science academies have said, as reported in the Guardian Measures such as replacing potentially harmful additives and disclosing the chemicals used in the fracking process to the…


China’s shale challenges come into sharper focus

At recent conferences in Shanghai and Beijing, Chinese Government officials voiced confidence in meeting targets for the new natural gas technology in the near term. But a host of problems surfaced for producing larger volumes of gas to fulfil the government’s longer-term forecasts. Speaking at an industry workshop in Beijing, National Energy Administration (NEA) vice…


US University creates first field lab for long-term study of shale gas

As the Appalachian Region in the US feels the impact of the burgeoning shale-energy industry, a consortium of researchers and industrial partners led by West Virginia University, with the assistance of The Ohio State University, will conduct the first-ever long-term, comprehensive field study of a natural resource that has changed the country’s – and the…