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Hiring in US shale sector shifts to engineering, construction workers as industry matures

Gas companies operating in and around the Marcellus shale say they are increasingly hiring skilled workers for engineering and construction jobs as the industry matures beyond the rush to drill wells. The high-paying jobs accounted for 26.5% of new hires last year, according to a survey of member companies released by the Marcellus Shale Coalition.…


UK Government opens shale licence auctions; set for test of its resolve

The UK Government has started the bidding process for the next set of onshore oil and gas exploration licenses, including in prospective shale basins that it considers are a cheaper and more secure energy source. The Department of Energy and Climate Change set out the details, which include planning guidance for areas of outstanding natural beauty, national…


Shale gas extraction in Scotland would be safe; have positive impact: Govt Report

The renewed development of shale oil and gas resources in Scotland could deliver a number of positive economic impacts, according to an independent report prepared for the Scottish Government. The Expert Scientific Panel found there are no significant technological barriers to the development of an unconventional hydrocarbon industry in Scotland and that it could be…


Delta Airlines charters tanker to ship Texas shale oil to its own refinery

Delta Air Lines’ refining unit has chartered a US-flagged oil tanker for the first time, allowing it to tap directly into cheap Texas shale oil as the company overhauls its supply strategy. Monroe Energy, the Delta subsidiary that runs the airline’s 165,000 barrel per day (bpd) Trainer refinery, has time-chartered the 330,000-barrel MR Seabulk Arctic,…


Canada’s Duvernay shale play holds $24.6 billion in remaining value: Wood Mackenzie

Alberta’s Duvernay, the most exciting early phase unconventional play in Western Canada, is now projected to hold Cdn$24.6 billion in remaining value according to Wood Mackenzie’s latest key play analysis in North America. The granular breakdown of the play reveals it has reserves of 13 billion barrels of oil equivalent (bnboe). “We expect Duvernay oil…

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New industrial gas intensive projects to boost US gas demand by up to 31%: study

A surge of gas-to-liquids investments and other US industrial projects will probably boost demand for natural gas by 19 to 31% through the end of the decade, a new study shows. On the back of the boom in the production of shale gas, chemical makers and other firms planned enough gas-intensive industrial projects — now…