Friends of the Earth’s one sided sketch of who’s who in the EU shale gas lobby

A new report (or maybe it should be called a polemic) by the Friends of the Earth Europe maps out the lobbying activity in Brussels to influence the political process around shale gas development in the European Union. The report outlines the key players involved – their targets and tactics as reported by the report’s…


China’s national oil firms best suited to bring innovation to shale gas: US report

China’s National Oil Companies (NOCs) are the country’s best hope for overcoming the innovation problem faced by the shale gas industry, says a research report by Resources for the Future, a Washington-based think tank. The discussion paper titled Stimulating Shale Gas Development in China: A Comparison with the US Experience published last week, argues that…


Mexico’s energy reform brings opportunity, challenges

Mexico’s Congress soon will approve the secondary legislation tied to the landmark energy reform it passed last December. The legislative package, expected to pass this summer, addresses 21 laws necessary to implement the reform and support its goals of transparency, competition and growth. Anticipation of a new energy era in Mexico is building and expectations…

People shout slogans during rally in centre of Sofia

At least 25,000 new jobs foregone through Bulgaria’s shale ban: study

The Institute for Market Economics in Bulgaria recently released a report estimating social and economic impacts for various shale gas production scenarios, showing what the country is missing out on with its moratorium on exploring for shale gas. The most conservative scenario would introduce more than 25,000 new jobs to Bulgaria’s economy, with as many…

eugene Depasquale

Agency that oversees booming Marcellus shale plays ‘lacks resources’ to do its job

The Auditor General of the US state of Pennsylvania Eugene DePasquale said that a wide ranging audit shows the meteoric growth of the shale gas industry in the Marcellus basin caught the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) unprepared to administer laws and regulations to protect drinking water and unable to respond to complaints. “There are…

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New research to determine South Africa’s shale gas potential

More research is needed to determine whether it is possible to exploit South Africa’s shale gas without irreparably harming the environment and contaminating the groundwater in the water-scarce Karoo region. The newly formed Centre of Excellence for Integrated Mineral and Energy Resource Analysis (Cimera), jointly hosted by the University of Johannesburg and the University of…


Drilling boom underway as search for shale oil and gas gathers pace in Argentina

Argentina is experiencing an oil drilling boom as international companies seek to cash on its huge shale resources. In June, there was an average of 107 rigs drilling for oil or gas in the country, the highest number operating since records began in 1982, and more than double the number at the start of 2012,…


Shale industry seeks better chemicals for fracking

Scientists are working to replace many of the chemicals in the fluid used in hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, which contains sand, biocides, mineral-dissolving acids and more. Representatives from the natural gas industry, chemical companies and non-profit corporations came together in Maryland, at a session of the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference, to…