National Grid reckons no UK shale gas will lead to 91% import reliance, as UK becomes net importer of fossil fuels

The UK may need to boost natural gas imports to 91% from 56% without production from shale rock, exposing the nation to global prices for the fuel, according to multinational electricity and gas utility National Grid Plc. Imports may reach 71 billion cubic meters (2.5 trillion cubic feet) a year by 2035 without shale gas…


US shale oil producers have boosted efficiency but not productivity: Rystad

Over the past five years, oil producers’ operations in the major US shale plays have become more efficient but not more productive, according to analysis by Norway based consultants and business intelligence data firm Rystad Energy. Dedicated tight oil activity in the US has been going on for over five years already, yielding more than 60,000…


Modest US condensate exports from shale oil will be a ‘win-win’: analyst

A recent US Government ruling allowing limited exports of lightly processed oil may permit the equivalent of 3.6% of US crude to be sold on international markets this year, according to Citigroup. About 300,000 bpd of an ultra-light oil known as condensate could be exported by the end of the year, Citigroup said. In total,…

Anne-Sophie Corbeau

Demand for natural gas in China to double in 5 years: jury still out on Middle Kingdom’s shale gas – IEA

China is expected to double its demand for natural gas in the next five years, representing an irresistible market for Western companies attempting to export America’s energy bonanza as well as to exploit China’s own vast reserves. Chinese cities are choking in smog, and its government is intent on moving the country away from coal…


EU Parliament Research Report on Unconventional gas and oil in North America

Following is the Executive Summary of a report entitled Unconventional gas and oil in North America: The impact of shale gas and tight oil on the US and Canadian economies and on global energy flows produced by European Parliamentary Research Service. The full report is available here The ‘shale revolution’ Over the past decade, the US…


Saudi Aramco makes progress with new fracking technology

Saudi Aramco is working to develop new hydraulic fracturing technologies and has made progress as part of its efforts to push for better ways to conduct fracturing operations with the least environmental impact possible, the company said in its annual report. The company said that new hydraulic fracturing technologies are being developed to improve cost…