Reality Check – shale gas renders EU energy policy’s “current path unsustainable”: climate expert

The shale gas revolution has not yet changed energy policy in Europe, but it will, according to economist Dieter Helm, Professor at the University of Oxford a Fellow of New College, Oxford, and Professorial Research Fellow of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment. He said the energy landscape had changed drastically from the…


Fracking wastewater may have triggered Oklahoma’s increase in earthquakes

Pumping wastewater from natural gas drilling sites into wells buried deep underground in shale rock formations is probably why Oklahoma is experiencing more small earthquakes than California, a new study says. The study said hydraulic fracturing for gas cannot be directly linked to increased seismic activity, but the injection of wastewater from drilling at disposal…


Germany likely moving a step further away from fracking as shale regulations near

The German government is set to propose new regulations on fracking for shale gas, but it is widely expected that these will be so onerous as to deter any private sector investment in a shale gas industry in Germany. Vice Chancellor and Economic Affairs Minister Sigmar Gabriel announced the prospect of drafting legal provisions to…

baker hughes men

Fracking services firm Baker Hughes named in Newsweek’s Green Ranking list

Oil field services major Baker Hughes Incorporated has achieved the highest rating for any public company in the energy sector in Newsweek’s 2014 Green Rankings, place eleventh among the 500 largest US companies and 20th among the 500 largest global companies. The next highest energy companies, Hess and Chevron, were ranked 59 and 60 respectively.…


Breitling CEO criticises UK shale firms for lack of ‘real effort’ at engagement

The CEO of Dallas-based shale explorer Breitling Energy Corporation, Chris Faulkner, has accused the companies operating in the UK’s fledgling shale gas industry of dragging their heels in its development. He told a Council of Europe meeting in Strasbourg that the “UK government is making every effort to get this right, albeit without much help from…


The Southeast: emerging demand epicentre of US gas industry

With U.S. natural gas production continuing to hit all-time records, the big question for the gas market is demand. Where is all that gas going to go? Well, we are pretty sure that most of the supply growth will be absorbed by the triad of new gas fired power generation, industrial demand and exports. The…