Is anti-fracking, the World’s biggest NIMBY protest, gaining momentum?

The US leads the world in the development of shale oil and gas, helped by its entrepreneurial spirit, improving technology, infrastructure, supportive capital markets and, it has seemed, a generally supportive public. The US shale boom has been rapid. Production of tight oil has increased dramatically in the past few years, from less than 1…


EY sees shale gas development in Europe more evolution than revolution

Global consultants EY, with headquarters in London, have issued a briefing note that argues that the development of shale gas in Europe will evolve more slowly than the rapid, game-changing growth experienced in the US. European shale gas potential Shale resources are believed to be present in at least 14 countries across Europe, though no…


UK increases flexibility, transparency of shale licences, urges industry to get on with it

The UK government has made petroleum licences ‘fit for purpose’ whilst increasing public transparency about fracking, Environment Minister Michael Fallon said at a shale gas conference. “I am removing unnecessary barriers and introducing a new flexibility to licences that allow the retention of greater areas than before,” he said. “This will replace inflexible rules with…