Argentina’s YPF to expand shale oil drilling with Malaysia’s Petronas

Argentine state-controlled energy company YPF plans to continue a pilot shale oil project with Malaysia’s Petronas, announcing an additional $192.5 million joint investment. The two companies put nine wells into production between May 2015 and September of this year, with an initial $165 million investment, YPF said in a statement. In the next phase they…


Scotland Govt Report: Inadequate evidence on shale risk to public health

A report commissioned by the Scottish Government to help determine its position on fracking has found there is “inadequate” evidence to determine whether shale oil and gas extraction would pose a risk to public health. The Government commissioned six reports into different effects of introducing onshore unconventional oil and gas extraction (UOG) in Scotland. But…


US shale firms go back to work after Trump’s win

American shale producers are redeploying cash, rigs and workers, cautiously confident the energy sector has turned a corner after Donald Trump’s presidential election victory and OPEC‘s recent signal that it plans to curb production. The downturn produced a leaner, more efficient US shale industry that was forced to develop and quickly adapt new technology to compete…


Overview of South Africa’s readiness to support the shale gas industry

The discovery and exploitation of very large shale gas reserves in countries like the US have transformed the energy market. South Africa may also possess potentially large resources of shale gas. This could have a significant positive impact on the country’s energy balance should it be decided to exploit these resources. The exploitation of these key…


Iron miner Fortescue’s Chief seeks shale exploration permits in Western Australia

Mining entrepreneur Andrew Forrest has applied for a broad parcel of oil and gas permits across Western Australia’s Kimberley region. Mr Forrest’s private company Minderoo said its subsidiary Squadron Energy had partnered with private group Goshawk Energy to apply for more than 220,000 square kilometres of permits or 40% of the Kimberley’s Canning Basin, which…


Breakthrough shale oil extraction technology in China triples output

An oil shale company in China has successfully extracted shale oil underground for the first time, according to reports in the Jilin Daily. After eight years of exploration, Jilin Unity & Strength Oil Shale Investment Development Co Ltd has demonstrated the effectiveness of its home-developed oil shale in-situ retorting technology. “Our oil share project has…