A new act for fracking? asks McKinsey

The latest wave of innovation could greatly improve production and lower costs, according to a report by management consultants McKinsey & Co, written by Parker Meeks, a principal in McKinsey’s Houston office, Clint Wood, and Dickon Pinner, a principal in the San Francisco office. The production of shale gas and light tight oil using hydraulic-fracturing…


Prospects for energy independence in Romania: shale gas and beyond

Romania, historically one of the world’s main energy producers, became a net importer of oil and gas in the 1970s when production started to declined. However, Romania is still luckier than other Central and Eastern European countries in terms of energy dependence. With regards to natural gas supplies, about 75% are produced domestically, and the…


New shale gas reserves found in India’s Godavari-Pranahita basin

Recent geological surveys have shown a larger tract of the Godavari-Pranahita basin in central India to have significant shale gas potential, wile the Krishna-Godavari offshore has already been identified as having shale gas potential, according to a report in the Deccan Chronicle. Scientists say surveys in pockets of the basin has shown that it is…


UK Govt mulling changes to trespass laws to ease shale gas production: Report

The UK government is considering changes to trespass laws that would allow developers to access oil and gas located under private land without necessarily obtaining the landowner’s permission, a newspaper has reported. The Financial Times said that if government decided to press ahead with the changes, the relevant legislation would be included within an Infrastructure…