Gas exploration in Spain can spawn €44 billion industry: Deloitte

Spain holds massive natural gas resources, including shale gas, which could spawn a multi-billion dollar industry in the country, according to a report. Natural gas prospecting could open up a €44 billion industry, helping the Iberian nation boost its economy, according to a report this week by consultancy Deloitte. Exploration and production of Spain’s natural…


Europe needs better data on frac wells integrity: Study

A study by the UK’s Durham University has concluded that wells used for shale exploration may cause water contamination. The study by Research Fracking in Europe, or ReFINE, finds the structural casing of underground wells may present a risk to underground water supplies. ReFINE is an independent research consortium led by Durham Energy Institute, at…


CGG, Baker Hughes sign long-term RoqSCAN deal as part of Shale Science Alliance

Oilfield services group Baker Hughes said it has signed an exclusive agreement with CGG for RoqSCAN technology offered by CGG. RoqSCAN is a real-time, fully portable, quantitative and automated rock properties and mineralogical analyzer. Developed by Robertson, a CGG company, and Carl Zeiss Microscopy Ltd., RoqSCAN delivers highly quantitative compositional and textural mineralogical data from…