South Africa’s fracking regulations to be released next month: Report

Hydraulic fracturing for shale gas in South Africa may be one step closer to becoming a reality.IOL reports that fracking regulations will be published in April as government moves closer to enabling shale gas exploration in the Karoo. It is suggested that once the regulations are out the search for this new energy source will swing into…


Smaller companies to dominate Mexico’s shale drilling: Pemex Director

Smaller companies will probably dominate development of Mexico’s shale gas deposits as Petroleos Mexicanos focuses on shallow water and onshore projects, according to the independent director of one of the state-owned company’s units. Pemex, as Petroleos Mexicanos is known, will probably focus on businesses with higher margins to maximize profits, leaving room for smaller companies…


More drilling, fracking efficiency drives US shale oil and gas boom: EIA

Technological advances in drilling efficiency are one of the reasons shale oil and natural gas production continues to skyrocket in six of America’s biggest oil and natural gas fields, according to a new US Energy Information Administration report. The EIA reports that more oil and gas is being produced more efficiently now than even a…


Qatar sees likely change in Europe’s approach to energy security; US shale may ‘revolutionise’ sector

Many European countries’ economics are sluggish, with high unemployment and, therefore may begin to change their approach to energy security in the near future, Chairman of Qatar’s Administrative Control and Transparency Authority and former Petroleum Minister Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah has said. Addressing the Brussels Forum during a workshop entitled “Energy Transition and the Role…


Lawyers Schonherr explain Poland’s new draft shale laws aimed at boosting investment

Poland’s proposed ‘shale gas’ legislation reflects a number of suggestions made by the representatives of the shale gas industry. The representatives are cautious about expressing their optimism, but are also emphasizing that the new laws should be treated as a step in the right direction, according to law firm Schoenherr. Schoenherr is a leading full…