Nearly every manufacturer in the U.S. will benefit from cheap natural gas: BCG study

Cheap natural gas will have a greater impact on U.S. manufacturing over the next several years than is commonly assumed, giving the U.S. a powerful and unique cost advantage that will benefit a wide range of industries across the full value chain, from feedstock to finished goods. This cost advantage has already started to boost…


Australian energy policy group lambasts governments’ energy policies

The following is the executive summary of a submission from the Energy Policy Institute to the Australian Federal Government, which is preparing a ‘white paper’ on energy policy. “Energy policy in Australia has been rendered irrelevant to investors; it is no longer either reliable or predictable. This is a matter of serious political, economic and…


Marcellus shale continues to boost output and productivity: EIA

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA)’s February 2014 Drilling Productivity Report for tight oil and shale gas regions shows Marcellus Shale production has continued to increase dramatically. The report finds that Pennsylvania natural gas production more than quadrupled from 2009 to 2011 because of increased development of the Marcellus Shale. The EIA says that Marcellus…


Irish Sea

Nebula Resources was awarded three eploration licences in the Irish Sea by the Department for Energy and Climate Change in January 2014. The licences are valid for two years. The area covered by the Nebula licences stretches west from Blackpool into Morecambe Bay. Based on existing geological data, Nebula believes that a considerable quantity of gas…


Research shows industrial waste can be made into proppants for shale gas recovery

Industrial and domestic waste materials are viable sources for making proppants for use in shale gas and oil recovery, according to research by Penn State University material scientists John Hellmann and Barry Scheetz. In an article, “Proppants for Shale Gas and Oil Recovery: Engineering Ceramics for Stimulation of Unconventional Energy Resources” in the latest issue…


San Leon, Baker Hughes to jointly develop shale gas wells in Poland’s Siekierki Field

European shale explorer San Leon Energy plc and oilfield services multinational Baker Hughes have signed a letter of intent to jointly develop the Siekierki Gas Field in Poland. The deal sees Baker Hughes providing all funding to bring wells into production. Funding is likely to be a combination of cash and in-kind oilfield services. In…


Siekierki Gas Field 1

Explorer San Leon Energy plc and energy services firm Baker Hughes will jointly begin to develop the Siekierki Gas Field1 in Poland, including Polish Concessions 206, 207 and 208. The Companies plan to start gas production from four existing wells, namely Trzek-1, Trzek-2ZH and Trzek-3H on the Siekierki structure, and the nearby Krzesinki-1 well Location Siekierki,…