Olesska shale gas deposit

The Government of Ukraine and Chevron signed a production sharing agreement, or PSA, in November 2013, paving the way for a $10 billion shale gas development project The PSA covers a term of up to 50 years, with the initial five years devoted to an exploration phase focused on acquiring seismic data and the drilling…


Cranemere Prospect

Challenger, through its 95%-held local subsidiary Bundu Gas and Oil Exploration (in which local entrepreneur Donald Ncube is the holder of the remaining 5% stake), was the “first mover” in the Karoo’s shale gas fields. Its interest is in the Cranemere Prospect, located in the Eastern Cape Province, north of the port city of Port…


New Brunswick Premier makes ‘crystal clear’ commitment to shale gas

David Alward, the Premier of the Canadian province of New Brunswick, used his annual state of the province speech to reiterate his government’s “crystal clear” commitment to developing the shale gas industry, regardless of any potential political repercussions. The government is looking to the development of natural resources, such as shale gas, and a new…


Need for pipelines cited at Marcellus-Utica Midstream Conference; but warnings of growing pains impact on prices

Drillers for shale oil in the US’ mighty Marcellus field need more pipelines to get their bountiful supply of gas to market, but improving the delivery infrastructure could cause them growing pains. The challenge of growing the delivery network without pressuring prices with more supply is something on the minds of industry officials who attended…


What’s Driving the Global LNG Demand?

What’s Driving the Global LNG Demand?  Analysis from was founded by MIT Engineers and former Wall Street analysts who realized that most people do not understand the seemingly familiar companies around them. The global natural gas demand is expected to grow by 64% from 113 trillion cubic feet in 2010 to 185 trillion…