About AWE Limited

AWE Limited is an Australian based oil and gas exploration and production company. AWE currently has oil and gas interests in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and the USA, and is actively reviewing additional growth opportunitiesThe company was formed in 1997 to appraise oil and gas discoveries in its initial asset portfolio and to build a significant international petroleum exploration and development entity through further international asset acquisitions.

Key Services:
AWE’s focus is on exploration and appraisal-type assets, in regions of proven prospectivity and where there is a high chance of commercial success. This focus includes currently marginal fields, whose worth may be improved by innovative appraisal and development approaches.
AWE currently has six main producing assets:

Tui oil fields – offshore Taranaki basin, New Zealand (AWE 42.5% operator)
BassGas project – offshore Bass Strait, Tasmania (AWE 46.25%)
Cliff Head oil field – offshore Perth basin, Western Australia (AWE 57.5%)
Casino gas project – offshore Otway basin, Victoria (AWE 25%)
Onshore Perth Basin interests, Western Australia (AWE 33-100%)
Onshore US shale gas, Texas (AWE10%)