About Pan American Energy

We believe in operational excellence, financial sound management, constant innovation, and a healthy balance between human, economic and environmental development, with a firm commitment towards the well being of the communities where we operate.

This approach has favored our growth. Among other results, it has positioned us as the largest hydrocarbon producer in Argentina and one of the most important oil companies in the Southern Cone.

Key Services:

A group of men and women characterized by their human quality and professionalism

PAE is made up of engineers, geologists, technicians, specialists from different human science areas and professionals from very diverse fields that are part a multidisciplinary team committed to the company’s development and the growth of the communities where it operates.

Our capacity to invest

In only ten years, between 2001 and 2013, PAE invested 9.5 billion dollars in hydrocarbon exploration and production, the highest figure in Argentine oil history.

Quality as an essential requirement for our operations and growth

The company is driven by a goal-oriented focus, through which it has maximized its operational excellence and financial results. Its facilities are the most technologically advanced in Latin America.

A commitment to growth that also sustains the growth of those around it

Aware of its importance as an agent of growth, PAE plays this role actively and with full responsibility. This belief translatesinto sponsoring and financing several corporate social responsibility programs that seek to improve the quality of life of the people in the communities where we operate.

Project Experience Includes:

Pan American Energy operates in Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. We operate four hydrocarbon basins in Argentina: Golfo San Jorge, with the largest oil production; Neuquina, the hub for the future development of unconventional reservoirs, and the Noroeste (Northwestern) and Austral Basins, located at both of Argentina’s respective geographical ends, with significant production of gas, the main source of energy in the country.