About BNK Petroleum Inc

BNK Petroleum Inc., an international energy company, is focused on the acquisition, exploration, and production of large hydrocarbon reserves, predominately unconventional. The strategic objective is to maximize the value of its U.S. shale gas assets, while its European shale gas exploration strategy offers high-impact, large growth potential to BNK.

The Company has its registered office in Vancouver, Canada with offices in Camarillo, California, Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Warsaw, Poland.

Key Services:

BNK is currently applying the knowledge its experienced technical team has gained on U.S. shale gas projects to Europe after it decided three years ago that shale gas must exist outside of North America. At that time BNK began researching shale gas in Europe.

Project Experience Includes:

BNK’s reward for being one of the first companies to pursue and acquire shale gas prospects in Europe has been 17 concessions totaling 4.9 million net acres in five basins in Poland, Germany, and Spain. The company has researched shale gas in more than 10 countries in Europe to date. The awards of concessions can take over a year after application has been made.


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