About Continental Resources, Inc.

Continental Resources, Inc. (NYSE: CLR), based in Oklahoma City, is focused on the exploration and production of onshore oil-prone plays and is a Top 10 independent oil producer in the United States .

Key Services:

ECO-Pad® drilling technique allows us to harvest more of a reservoir’s resources while reducing costs and environmental impact.

Horizontal drilling gives us access to resource plays that were previously not economic to produce. With this technology, we are unlocking oil and natural gas reservoirs throughout the U.S., reducing our nation’s dependence on foreign energy imports.

Hydraulic fracture stimulation, or fracking, is an oil and gas term for using high pressure water and sand to crack a rock formation deep underground.


Project Experience Includes:

The Company has a long and successful history of developing its industry-leading leasehold and production in the nation’s premier oil play, the Bakken of North Dakota and Montana, as well as significant positions in Oklahoma in its recently discovered SCOOP play and the Northwest Cana play.