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About eCORP Stimulation Technologies

eCORP Stimulation Technologies, LLC (“ecorpStim”) develops and implements breakthrough extraction technologies for conventional and unconventional resources.

Key Services:

A subsidiary of the eCORP group, ecorpStim was created in 2012 with the objective of proposing to European countries alternative technologies to hydraulic fracturing, based on a re-usable stimulation fluid and the absence of chemical additives.

In this initiative, the company relies on :

  • knowledge of the use of propane in extraction, stimulation, storage activities, etc. A long-time user of propane, eCORP was a pioneer in the 1980s for using propane in enhanced oil recovery (E.O.R) operations.
  • The previous industrial development of propane stimulation by a Canadian company (gellified propane stimulation) and the feedback from stimulations performed on the field with this method (1500 on August 1st 2012).
  • An ambitious technological development program, aiming (among others) at eliminating all chemical additives from the stimulation fluid, an reducing the volumes of injected propane to comply to the strictest security requirements.
Project Experience Includes:

ecorpStim wordwide headquarters are located in Houston, Texas, and its European headquarters in London. The company plans to open offices in Paris.