About ZaZa Energy

ZaZa Energy Corporation is an independent exploration and production company that has established its position as an industry leader in both conventional and unconventional resource plays. Headquartered in Houston, TX, ZaZa Energy Corporation was formed in 2012 by the merger of Toreador Resources Corporation and ZaZa Energy, LLC.

Key Services:

ZaZa Energy Corporation says it holds the premier land position in the liquids rich window in the Eaglebine/Eagle Ford East play, whch is positioned in the thickest, most organic rich section of the entire Eaglebine/Eagle Ford East trend. The Company is focused on developing this Tier 1 land asset and capturing the value of this resource with its world-class joint venture partner.

Project Experience Includes:

In 2010 ZaZa stepped out to the east of its core Eagle Ford position to explore the siliciclastic shales of the Houston Salt Basin and Brazos Basin. These areas contained a combination of the Eagle Ford and Woodbine sediments which have now become known as the Eaglebine. The Upper Eaglebine is more commonly known as the Woodbine Sand play. The Lower Eaglebine or Laminate play are “toe-of-slope” sands from the Woodbine deltas that terminate into organically rich basinal shales in the deeper portion of the basins.  Both are different than the Eagle Ford because of the greater sand and silt composition.  Resistivity is lower due to a decrease in carbonate and the increased conductivity of the fine grained, laminated sands and silts.


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